It’s A Texas Squeeze!

Salsa may just be the perfect condiment. From being healthy and rich in flavor It’s undoubtedly the most versatile, going with everything from your scrambled eggs at breakfast to your grilled meats and vegetables at dinner. But until now, it’s suffered from one problem: portability.

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Folks venturing forth in RVs, setting up a tent for camping or enjoying a rock-climbing or fishing trip have had to deal with breakable, wide-mouthed glass salsa bottles and jars that work just fine in the kitchen, but are a serious hazard in an outdoors environment where everything from bugs to boulders has to be taken into consideration.

Well, friends, salvation is at hand! Good Healthy Living presents a new Fire-Roasted Salsa in a convenient “Texas Squeeze” bottle that will let you take its smoky taste and spicy goodness anywhere. Got a beach cookout planned? How about a picnic in the park? You can even keep a squeeze bottle in the glove compartment to spice up takeout food on road trips! BPA FREE bottles.


It’s A Texas Squeeze! salsa will guarantee that your best Tex-Mex flavor booster will make it intact anywhere you want to take it. Bounce it on a parking lot or drop it on a rocky ledge, our tough, completely recyclable plastic bottle is both lightweight and durable.

Our fire roasted salsa is gluten-free, all natural and no sodium to let all the natural flavors come through. It is fat-free, and there is not a single drop of water added to dilute the taste. Everything in the bottle comes straight from the fresh vegetables, herbs and spices used to make it. And for those of you worried about your waistlines (and who isn’t?), each serving will net you a tiny 5 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrates. It’s like getting flavor for free! We call it "good healthy living"!

This picante sauce is the greatest around, made by a chef with years of experience in Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine with a gift for getting just the right blend of spice and fresh vegetable goodness in every batch. Even a simple hot dog and hamburger cookout will become something much greater with It’s A Texas Squeeze on hand. Flip the bottle open with a finger, and you’re ready to give a hearty dose of healthy flavor to anything coming off the grill or out of the picnic cooler. Purchase this authentic Tex-Mex salsa today, and be sure to get a few extra bottles to tuck in stockings, give as work gifts or pass out at the office. Your popularity will skyrocket while your taste buds dance!


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